Tom Gildred Named Entrepreneur of the Year

From beginning in an empty warehouse to operational within six months, Emerald Textiles is Southern California’s healthcare laundry service of choice.  Emerald has served the area’s hospitals and clinics with healthcare linen services for nearly four years and serves more than 80% of hospital beds in San Diego alone.  Here’s more about how how the company’s CEO, Tom Gildred, was honored by Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

Tom Gildred

The award recognizes outstanding entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and success in areas of innovation and personal commitment to their businesses and communities. The winners in this stage are entered into a national awards program.

Launched two years ago, Emerald operates a highly efficient and environmentally responsible laundry service aimed at commercial customers that now serves about 70 percent of the hospital beds in San Diego, and delivers about 1 million pieces of laundry each week, the company said.

Emerald Textiles also received the SDG&E Showcase Award and the Savings by Design Award for its water and energy saving systems.

Read the story on the San Diego Business Journal online.

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